Dr. Rajen Pudur

Assistant Professor

Vision & Objective

Looking for challenging career, where there is scope for demonstration, always on a look out for positive & bigger outlook. Thrive on imagination and passion, rigorous thinking and boundless curiosity. Sets levels and standards that exceeds expectations, and growth oriented position in the area of Scientific / technical development.

My strengths:

  • Anywhere adjustment ability.
  • Strong decision making ability even in groups.
  • Ability to organise programs in short notice.
    Areas of Specialisation:

    • Power System, renewable sources of energy
    • Power quality issues of renewable energy,
    • Grid connected renewable energy,
    • Renewable energy integration.

    Educational Qualification

    Ph.D.2016NERISTElectrical Engineering


    Electrical Engineering
    B.E(Elect)2002North Gujarat UniversityElectrical Engineering

    Paper Reviewed (Selected)

    1. Microcomputer Based Multipoint Time Operated Power Switching System (With Overload Protection)” Science Domain International, No. Ms_BJAST_25046, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology , (BJAST), 2013.


    1. Influence of Pole Numbers to Field Weakening Characteristics of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric Vehicle Application” Science Domain International. No. Ms_BJAST_29023, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology , (BJAST), 2014.


    1. “Design analysis and implementation of a 0.5 kVA uninterruptible power stabilizer” Science Domain International, No. Ms_PSIJ_31535, Physical Science International Journal   , (PSIJ), 2017.
    2. “Simulation and implementation of sensorless control in multi-motors electric drives with high dynamic” Advances in Science Technology and Engineering System Journal (ASTESJ), Vol-2, XX-XY (2017), ISSN: 2415-6698, no. 17M-04-116, ASTESJ.
    3. “Comparative Study of Dynamic Evolution and Sliding Mode Controller for Fuel Cell System” 14th IEEE India council International Conference(INDICON 2017) 15th – 17th Dec 2017, IIT Roorkee

    Top Post Graduation project supervised:

    S/nTitleName of scholarRemarks
    1.Performance of Savonous rotor with multiple blades for hydrokinetic applicationShadab Zafar2016
    2.Design and analysis of single basin solar still for Arunachal Pradesh.Moloy Sameer Dutta2016
    3.Investigation of minimum distance between two consecutive wind towers for optimal extraction of wind powerAnanya Garhwal2016
    4.Voltage sag compensation for integrated power system using DVROnam Techi2016
    5.Power quality improvement using active filters for hydropower stationKanya Hage2016
    6.Design of  Tri-copter for surveillance   using Arduino controller Chetan Sharma

    Sumit Kumar,

    Mohit Anand Choudhary Aman Das

    Gold medal project 2013
    7.Design and implementation of ELC for micro hydro power plants.Avinash Nair

    Pothabathula Sai

    S. Prashanth Reddy

    Om Kesharwani

    Papumoni Gogoi

    Gold medal project 2014
    8.Feasibility Study of Wind Farm : A case Study for Pasighat , Arunachal PradeshPencil Saring2017
    9.Simulation and Study of Solar Powered Water Pumping System Using BLDC MotorPriyatosh Jena2017
    10.Performance Analysis of Hybrid Hydro-Wind System Using Electronic Load ControllerVivek Kumar Srivastava2017
    11.Feasibility Study of Wind Farm : A case Study for Sela Pass , Arunachal PradeshTashi Dondup2017
    12.Simulation and Study of DC Micro-grid for Hydro and Solar Power IntegrationKrittika Mukherjea2017


    Top Ph.D. supervised:


    S/nTitleName of scholarRemarks
    1.Investigation of Power Conditioning System for Micro-Hydro Power Plant for Distributed Generation using MPPT AlgorithmLaishram Khumanleima ChanuPursuing
    2.Control and Management of Micro-grid for RenewableIngudam Chitrasen MeitePursuing
    3.Power Quality improvement at load side using Electric SpringTana BidaPursuing

    International conference attended:

    1. IEEE PES 2013 at Hong Kong


    Workshop/Training Attended/conducted:

    1. One week course in “Industrial and Commercial Power System Analysis (ICPSA)” Recommended Practices. On 1st July 2013 to 5th July 2013, at MNNIT Allahabad.(Certificate attached)


    1. Two days’ workshop on “Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources (GIRES)” at IIT Delhi, on 18th to 19th April 2015.(Certificates attached)



    1. Conducted one week in-house workshop on “Renewable source of energy: as future energy (RSEFE)” 1st Dec – 7th Dec’ 2013


    1. Conducted one day workshop on “Hydro Power a Clean Power” 7th Sep’2014


    1. Attended, one day workshop on “Promotion of off-grid Renewable Energy access projects in rural areas “sponsored by MNRE, Govt. of India, organized by APEDA Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, on 20th July 2015 at Banquet hall.


    1. Attended, one day workshop/meeting on “Housing for all by 2022” organized by HUPA Ministry of Housing Govt. of India, 5th May 2015, at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.


    1. Attended, one day workshop on “R&D in Small Hydro Power Technology” at India International Centre, New Delhi, organized by AHEC, IIT Roorkee, in collaboration with MNRE, Govt. of India, on 16th Sept 2016.


    1. Attended/ participated “Festival of Innovation at Rashtrapati Bhavan, President’s Secretariat and National Innovation Foundation” at West Hall Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre, President’s Estate, New Delhi, on Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 10:00 am.


    1. Conducted five days training on “Machine Design using Numerical Technique in Ansys software” in associated with EDULIFE INDIA, 17th – 21st April’2017, at NIT AP.


    1. Two days’ workshop on “Stability and Control of Renewable Energy based system” s (SCRE)” at IIT Delhi, on 2nd to 3rd Sep 2017.(Certificates attached


    1. Two days training/workshop on Outcome based education (OBE) on NBA at AICTE Delhi 8-9th Feb 2018


    1. Three days 4th world summit on Accreditation NBA at hotel Ashoka, Delhi on 7th -9th Sept’18.
    2. Invited for screening-cum-evaluation committee for Govt. Polytechnics under Career Advance Scheme (CAS), at Itanagar on 12th Sept 2018.


    Administrative Experiences: –

    DurationDesignationDutiesExperience in Years
    2004 -2007Guest Lecturer, NERISTTeaching3 years
    2008-2012Junior Engineer (EE)Field Engineer5 years
    2012-till dateAssistant Professor (EE),NIT APTeaching6 + years
    19.02.2012 to 15.03.2013Scholarship CoordinatorContact with ministry for stipends for students~ 1 year
    10.01.2013 to 24.07.2014Chairman, Construction CommitteeConstruction works at NIT Yupia~ 1 yr 6 months
    2012-2018Centre in-charge, Deputy Central-incharge

    CCB-12,CSAB-13,CSAB-14, CSAB-15, CSAB-16, CSAB-17, CSAB-18

    Counselling process Through AIEEE 12, JEE(Main)-13, JEE(Main)-14, JEE(Main)-15, JEE(Main)-16, JEE(Main)-17, JEE(Main)-18~ 7 years
    10.01.2013 to 24.07.2014CTO, NCC unit NIT APNCC activities~ 1 yr 6 months
    23.12.2013 to 13.02. 2018HoD, EE


    Looking after department of EE~ 5 years
    09.01.2013 to 2014Member, B&WC, NIT APDecision making for construction works~ 1 year
    13.02.18- 13.03.19Deputy Registrar (Admin)(i/c)Looking after Administration ~ 1 year
    13.02.18- till dateChief Warden Looking after hostel management~ 5 months +
    13.02.18- till dateSecurity in-charge Looking after security matters~ 5 months +
    2017 –2019NBA CoordinatorNBA activities~ 2 year
    13.02.18 –till dateChairman, HMCHostel management activities.~ 5 months +
    Jan 2019 – till dateDean (Academic & Examination)Academic activities of institute 

    List of Publications:-

    1. Rajen Pudur, Sarsing Gao, “Savonius rotor based grid connected hydrokinetic power generation scheme”, Sustainable, Energy Grid and Network (SEGAN), Elsevier, 2016, Vol-5, pp- 148-155.
    2. Rajen Pudur, Sarsing Gao, “Performance Analysis of Savonius Rotor Hydro Generation Scheme with Electronics Load Controller”, Journal of Renewable Energy, Hindawi, volume2016, pp- 1-7, doi:10.11/2016/4127619.
    3. Sarsing Gao, Rajen Pudur, ‘Harnessing hydroelectric power using Savonius rotor coupled with asynchronous generator connected to grid”, IEEE, international Conference at Hong Kong, APPEEC-2013,(p-1-4)
    4. Bikash Sah, Rajen Pudur ‘Study of unsymmetrical faults in power system using Morlet wavelet technique” IEEE, SCEECS-2014, March 1-4, Bhopal, India.
    5. Rajen Pudur, et.al “Wireless Power Transmission: A Survey”, IEEE, International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering (ICRAIE-2014) May-09-11, 2014, Jaipur India.
    6. Rajen Pudur, Sarsing Gao “Savonius rotor based hydropower generation” International Symposium on AMETI 2014 (p 104 – 111), 6th -8th Dec 2014, ISBN 978-93-83842-96-4, NERIST.
    7. Rajen Pudur, Sarsing Gao “Performance analysis of Savonius rotor on different aspect ratio for hydropower generation” ICPDEN, 10th – 11th Jan 2015 IEEE, NERIST
    8. Rajen Pudur, Sarsing Gao “Single phase power for remote area using Savonius rotor based hydropower generation” IEEE, International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment (ICEPE) 12-13, June 2015 NIT Meghalaya.
    9. Moloy S. Dutta, Dr. Rajen Pudur “A study on the techniques used for productivity enhancement of solar stills” Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (CEE), 2nd Research Summit, 3rd – 4th June 2016, Vol-1, ISBN 978-93-85777-69-1, pp, 214-221, Yupia, NIT AP
    10. Ananya Garjwal, Dr. Rajen Pudur “A study on optimal distance between two consecutive wind towers for maximum power extraction” Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (CEE), 2nd Research Summit, 3rd – 4th June 2016, Vol-1, ISBN 978-93-85777-69-1, pp, 222-229, Yupia, NIT AP
    11. Rajen Pudur, Ralli Sangno, K. Paul “Performance Analysis of Micro Hydropower Plant with Electronic Load Controller” Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (CEE), 2nd Research Summit, 3rd – 4th June 2016, Vol-1, ISBN 978-93-85777-69-1, pp, 230-239, Yupia, NIT AP
    12. OnamTechi, Kanya Hage, Dr. Rajen Pudur “A study on load side control for micro hydro plants using electronic load controller” Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (CEE), 2nd Research Summit, 3rd – 4th June 2016, Vol-1, ISBN 978-93-85777-69-1, pp, 240-249, Yupia, NIT AP
    13. Shadab Zafar, Dr. Rajen Pudur “Study on different shapes and sizes of solar still for high efficiency: a review” Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (CEE), 2nd Research Summit, 3rd – 4th June 2016, Vol-1, ISBN 978-93-85777-69-1, pp, 250-255, Yupia, NIT AP
    14. A.K Singh, Dr. Rajen Pudur“Modelling of single phase UPFC without DC capacitor” IJEST,vol-3. No. 5 May 2011, ISSN: 0975-5462, (P-3732-3738)
    15. Ralli Sangno, P. Devchandra Singh and Rajen Pudur, “Reliability evaluation of a 132/33 kV HV substation” International Journal on Current Science & Technology, Vol-04, June 2016, ISSN: 2320 5636, pp-430.
    16. Rajen Pudur, Vivak Kumar Srivastava, “Performance Study of Electronic Load Controller for integrated Renewable Sources” 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Materials Engineering & Nano-Technology (IEMENTech), IEEE , 2018, pp-1-6.
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