Basic & Applied Science

(Combined Department of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronic Science)


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” — Albert Einstein

Vision-To provide quality undergraduate and post graduate education in theoretical foundation of science and technology.
Mission-To make frequent outreach programmes for training locals in their Educations as well as infrastructure developments and to generate funds for sustainable development of the Institute by bringing more research projects.

About the department:

Department of Basic & Applied Science was part of Basic Science & Humanities and has been established right at the inception of the Institute in 2010. The Department was renamed as Basic & Applied Science (BAS) combination in 2016. Currently, the Department comprises of disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronic Science. The Department has total ten numbers of faculty members and having specialized in advance areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronic Science. The Department has a rich heritage of teaching and research in the field of aforesaid subjects. The faculty members of the department besides teaching and research work are actively participating in administrative and developmental activities of the Institute for its future growth. The goal of the department is to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to the students in the area of basic and applied Science. The Department aims at setting a benchmark in education in the field of Basic & Applied Science. The class room teaching is made interactive by incorporating various methods of teaching and learning. The department desires that every student will acquire academic excellence, technical skills, scientific aptitude and temper and holistic development through practical oriented learning methodology. The department is striving to establish new academic and research disciplines while embracing interactions with the real world through a strong emphasis on fundamental research. The Department got two sponsored projects (one from DST and one from ICMR) from external agencies. Besides, The Departments has also three Start-up projects funded by the Institute. Two JRFs are working in our departments. The Department currently offers four MS programs (Mathematical Physics, Mathematics & Computing, Mathematical Research in Engineering & Technology and Electronic Science). The Department also offers Ph.D program in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Applied Science in order to nurture young minds towards scientific challenges. The Department is also planning to propose integrated M.Sc-Ph.D programs in the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The Department envisages becoming a state-of-the-art department with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in science. It is our objective to inject the future scope and the research direction encompassing all disciplines, making students competent towards research and development in advance science and innovation. Students will be skilled both theoretically and practically to do operation, control and maintenance of works in all the disciplines. Students will be substantially prepared to take up prospective research assignments. The Department is actively engaged in highly recognized number of research areas i.e., in Simulation, Fabrication and Testing of Digital and RF circuits, and Organic LED/Solar cells, Microelectronics, Semiconductor Materials Processing, Nano-composite, Polymers, Organic/Inorganic Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Graph theory, Particle Physics and String Theory. The strong research background has a positive impact on the quality of teaching; our students are more exposed to the latest and cutting edge knowledge, which can be witnessed by many examples of their achievements.
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This department offers the following MS programmes:

  • MS in Mathematical Physics (Two years)
  • MS in Mathematics & Computing (Two years)
  • MS in Mathematical Research in Engineering & Technology (Two years)
  • MS in Electronic Science (Two years)

The Department also offers PhD programmes in various fields:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics

List of Publications (Journal) by the Faculty Members:

Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik1NIL4311311
Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta02111282
Dr. Pinaki ChakrabortyNILNILNIL2NIL142
Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain122NILL2112


Departmental Research Projects:

1.  The lists of externally funded sponsored projects:

Project TitleInvestigatorFunding AgenciesSanctioned Amount (Lakh)Amount Received (Lakh)
Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik1NIL43
Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta0211
Dr. Pinaki ChakrabortyNILNILNIL2
Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain122NILL


2.  The lists of externally funded Start-up Grants:

Project TitleCoordinatorFunding AgenciesSanctioned Amount (Lakh)Amount Received (Lakh)
Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik1NIL43
Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta0211
Dr. Pinaki ChakrabortyNILNILNIL2
Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain122NILL


3.  The lists of Start-up projects (Sponsored by NITAP)

Project TitleCoordinatorDepartmentSanctioned Amount (Lakh)
Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik1NIL4
Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta021
Dr. Pinaki ChakrabortyNILNILNIL
Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain122
Research Scholars
Details of PG Students
Students Admitted in MS in Mathematical Physics Year-Wise
Students Admitted in MS in Mathematics & Computing Year-Wise

The department provides the basic laboratories so as to build a perfect base to the professional carrer of the students. The laboratories which are fully functional at this period of time are:

Contact Information
Dr.Susanta Maity
Head of the Department
  • +91 84159 45430
  • Visit Website
  • Department of Basic & Applied Science, National Institute of Technology, Yupia, Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh, PIN-791112
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Our Faculty

Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain
Assistant Professor

Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain

Teaching Experience: S. in mathematical Physics (Classical Mechanics, Statistical...
Assistant Professor, Physics

Dr. T. D. Das

Tushar Dhabal Das obtained his Ph.D degree in Electronic Science from University...
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shakti Prasad

Specialization: Sampling Theory Research Interest: Sampling Theory, Statistical Inference...
Assistant Professor

Karam Ratan Singh

Research Interest: Graph Theory and Combinatorics Joined the Institute in the year...
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta

Dr. Ananta Kumar Atta completed M.Sc. in organic chemistry in 2003 from Vidyasagar...
Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik
Assistant Professor

Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik

  BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Nabakumar Pramanik received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)...